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pastespecial TrvActionPasteSpecial

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TrvActionPasteSpecial is the action for "Edit | Paste Special" command.

Unit RichViewActions;


TrvActionPasteSpecial = class(TrvActionPaste)



This action displays a dialog containing a list of data formats available in the Clipboard. When the user chooses a format, data are pasted into TCustomRichViewEdit/TSRichViewEdit component in this format.

Supported formats:


Unicode text (CF_UNICODETEXT)

Windows bitmap (CF_BITMAP)

Windows metafile (CF_METAFILEPICT)

URL ("UniformResourceLocator")

RTF ("Rich Text Format")

RVF ("RichView Format")

HTML ("HTML Format")

Graphic files (CF_HDROP)

custom formats (see OnShowing and OnCustomPaste events).

The action displays only formats listed in in TCustomRichViewEdit.AcceptPasteFormats. Note: URL format is not included in AcceptPasteFormats by default.

If GetControlPanel.RVFLocalizable=True, GetControlPanel.RVFFormatTitle is used in the list for RVF Format. You can change it to something like "My Application's Format". But in this case you need to provide a localization of this property yourself.

When pasting graphic files and images from URL, the action assigns "file name" property to the inserted images, if rvoAssignImageFileNames is included in the Options property of the target editor (you can modify the assigned string in OnAssignImageFileName event of the target editor). If StoreFileNameInItemName = True, it also assigns the item text.

If style templates are used (RichViewEdit.UseStyleTemplates=True), the action displays options for insertion of RTF and RVF.

Unlike all other actions inherited from TrvCustomEditAction, this action cannot work with editor types other than TCustomRichViewEdit and TSRichViewEdit.