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printpreview TrvActionPrintPreview

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TrvActionPrintPreview is the action for "File | Print Preview" command.

Unit RichViewActions;


TrvActionPrintPreview = class(TrvCustomPrintAction)



This action displays a printing preview window. This window has "Page Setup" and "Print" buttons where the user can print the document. For the "Page Setup" button, TrvActionPageSetup action is used. If it is not linked (via ActionPageSetup property), a temporal TrvActionPageSetup action is used. For the "Print" button, TrvActionPrint action is used. If it is not linked (via ActionPrint property), the first TrvActionPrint action on the same form/datamodule is used; if not found, printing in this action is not possible.

This action uses settings defined in TrvActionPageSetup. If GetControlPanel.RVPrint is not assigned, the action uses the first TRVPrint component found on the form owning the TCustomRichViewEdit component. If not found, it creates a temporal TRVPrint with default property settings.

This action is enabled only if at least one printer is installed in the system (Printer.Printers.Count>0).

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