TRVCamControl.Color, ParentColor, BorderColor, ArrowLineColor, ArrowColor, ArrowColorClicked, ArrowColorHot

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property Color: TColor;

property ParentColor: Boolean;

property BorderColor: TColor;

property ArrowLineColor: TColor;

property ArrowColor: TColor;

property ArrowColorClicked: TColor;

property ArrowColorHot: TColor;


Color defines the background color (around the control). If ParentColor=True, the background is not painted, so the control is transparent.

BorderColor is a color of the bordering circle.

ArrowLineColor is a color of arrows' borders.

ArrowColor, ArrowColorClicked, ArrowColorHot are colors of arrows: normal, clicked, below the mouse pointer respectively.

When activating Delphi XE2+ styles, system colors are changed to the corresponding style colors.

Default values

ParentColor: True

BorderColor: $009D6135

ArrowLineColor: clWhite

ArrowColor: $009D6135

ArrowColorClicked: $000E94DC

ArrowColorHot: $00DDA67D