TRVCamera.WaitForVideoStream, WaitForVideoFile, WaitForVideo, WaitForSearch

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TRVCamera.WaitForVideoStream, WaitForVideoFile, WaitForVideo, WaitForSearch

The methods wait for the specified operation to finish.

procedure WaitForVideoStream;

procedure WaitForVideoFile;

procedure WaitForVideo;

procedure WaitForSearch;

WaitForVideoStream waits until a video from a camera (started in PlayVideoStream) stops.

WaitForVideoFile waits until a video from a file (started in PlayVideoFile) stops.

WaitForVideo waits until a video (either from a file or from a camera) stops.

WaitForSearch waits until a camera searching (started in SearchCamera) stops.

These methods may be useful in a no-wait mode, but, when possible, avoid using these methods and use the events instead: OnEndVideoStream, OnEndVideoFile, OnSearchComplete. These methods may be useful after calling Abort.

The methods call Application.ProcessMessages inside, so it is possible that the user tried to close the application while these methods were working. After calling these methods, you must check Application.Terminated property and exit if necessary.