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Specifies the compression quality for images.

property CompressionQuality: Integer;

Possible values are in range 1..100.

Jpeg and HWL

Use CompressionQuality to set the compression quality of Jpeg and HWL images. The higher a property value (up to a maximum of 100), the better the image quality, but the larger the size. The lower the property value (to a minimum of 1), the smaller the resulting size, but at the expense of picture quality.


For Png images, this option does not affect image quality, but affects compression quality. The higher a property value, the smaller the picture, but more CPU resources are required for encoding it.



Small values of CompressionQuality

Large values of Compression quiality

Jpeg, HWL

Small data size, low image quality, low CPU usage

Large data size, high image quality, high CPU usage


Large data size, low CPU usage

Small data size, high CPU usage


Default value