TRVCamView.SearchPanelColor, SearchPanelTextColor

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TRVCamView.SearchPanelColor, SearchPanelTextColor

These properties specify colors of a camera search panel.

property SearchPanelColor: TRVMColor;
property SearchPanelTextColor: TRVMColor;

This panel is shown when TRVCamera.SearchCamera is called, if ShowCameraSearch = True.

By default (value of this property is clNone/Null), the viewer uses default colors that depend on IconStyle property.

SearchPanelColor overrides a background color of a search panel.

SearchPanelTextColor overrides a text color of a search panel.

[FMX note]: these colors can be semitransparent (opacity is defined in the color's alpha channel)


Default value [VCL and LCL]


Default value [FMX]