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A class of item in TRVCmdParamCollection.

Unit [VCL and LCL] MRVCmd;

Unit [FMX] fmxMRVCmd;


TRVCmdParamItem = class(TCollectionItem)



This class represents a pair ("name", "value"). "Name" is a string an it can be accessed directly as a property. "Value" may have different type and it is accessed using multiple methods.

This class has the following properties:

Name: TRVMAnsiString – name of the parameter.

ParamType: TRVParamType – type of the parameter's value.

ValueSize: Integer (read-only) returns the size of the value (a count of bytes)

This class has the following methods:

reading the parameter's value:

oAsString returns the value as a string.

oAsInteger returns the value as an integer number.

oAsFloat returns the value as a floating point number.

oAsDateTime returns the value as a date.

oReadValue reads the value to Buffer.

assigning the parameter's value:

oSetString assigns a string to the value.

oSetInteger assigns an integer number to the value.

oSetFloat assign a floating point number to the value.

oSetDateTime assigns a date to the value.

oWriteValue writes the value of the parameter from Buffer.

function  AsString   : TRVMAnsiString;
function  AsInteger  : Int64;
function  AsFloat    : Extended;
function  AsDateTime : TDateTime;
procedure SetString(Value : TRVMAnsiString);
procedure SetInteger(Value : Int64);
procedure SetFloat(Value : Extended);
procedure SetDateTime(Value : TDateTime);
function  ReadValue(var Buffer; Count: Longint) : Integer;
procedure WriteValue(var Buffer; Count: Longint);