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Occurs when new data are received.

type // defined in MRVType unit
  TRVServerDataReadEvent  = procedure(Sender: TObject;

    SessionKey: TRVSessionKey;
    ADataType: Word; AData: TStream; ASocket: TRVSocket
    AGUIDFrom, AGUIDTo, AGUIDGroup: TGUID) of object;
property OnDataRead: TRVServerDataReadEvent;

This is a low level event. It is rarely needs to be processed.

AData – received data.

ADataType – data type; it may be one of ***_DATA constants, or other values identifying data used by the server to maintain connections.

ASocket – a socket from which data are read.

All GUID parameters are available only for TCP connections. For UDP connections, they are equal to 0.

GUIDFrom – identifier of the data sender (if available)

GUIDTo – identifier of the data receiver (if available)

GUIDGroup – identifier of the group (if available)


This event is called in a thread context. Do not update user interface (or make any other operation that requires a context of the main process) in this event.