TRVMotionDetector.MinChangeAreaSize, PixelColorThreshold -R -G -B

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TRVMotionDetector.MinChangeAreaSize, PixelColorThreshold -R -G -B

The properties specify the parameters used to compare video frames.

property  MinChangeAreaSize: Integer;
property PixelColorThreshold: Integer;
property PixelColorThresholdR: Integer;
property PixelColorThresholdG: Integer;
property PixelColorThresholdB: Integer;

The motion detector compares two images (usually video frames).

Let the first pixel is (R1 G1 B1), the second pixel is (R2 G2 B2). If PixelColorThreshold >= 0, they are treated as different if (|R1-R2| + |G1-G2| + |B1-B2|)/3 > PixelColorThreshold. Otherwise, they are treated as different if (|R1-R2| > PixelColorThresholdR) or (|G1-G2| > PixelColorThresholdG) or (|B1-B2| > PixelColorThresholdB).

The component calculates rectangles covering changed pixels optimally. Rectangles containing less than MinChangeAreaSize changed pixels are ignored.

Default values

MinChangeAreaSize: 10

PixelColorThreshold -R, -G -B: 8

Default value


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