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A collection of senders.

Unit MRVReceiver;


TRVSenderCollection = class(TCollection)



The type of items of this collection: TRVSenderItem.

This is a type of TRVSenderItemEx's properties: AudioSenders, VideoSenders, CmdSenders, FileSenders, UserDataSenders.

The class has the following methods:

function FindGUID(const GUID: TRVMAnsiString): Integer;
function AddGUID(const GUID: TRVMAnsiString): Integer;
function DeleteGUID(const GUID: TRVMAnsiString): Boolean;

FindGUID return the index of item having GUIDFrom property equal to GUID parameter, or -1 if not found.

AddGUID adds a new item and assigns the GUID parameter to its GUIDFrom property, then returns its index; if such an item already exists, it returns its index instead, to prevent duplicates.

DeleteGUID deletes an item having GUIDFrom property equal to GUID (if it exists).