TrvrActionReportWizard.AccentedTextStyleTemplateName, ReportFooterStyleTemplateName

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TrvrActionReportWizard.AccentedTextStyleTemplateName, ReportFooterStyleTemplateName

Specify names of style templates for report generation.

property AccentedTextStyleTemplateName: TRVStyleTemplateName;

property ReportFooterStyleTemplateName: TRVStyleTemplateName;

These properties are used only if the target editor's UseStyleTemplates property = True.

AccentedTextStyleTemplateName is applied to emphasized text.

ReportFooterStyleTemplateName is applied to report footer's paragraph.

The action use the following style templates:

'heading 1' for report title (paragraph)

ReportFooterStyleTemplateName for report footer (paragraph)

'Normal' for paragraphs of normal text (paragraph)

'List Paragraph' for paragraphs of text that should be compact (paragraph)

AccentedTextStyleTemplateName for emphasized text (text)

ActionInsertTable.HeadingTextStyleTemplate for heading rows of tables (text)

ActionInsertTable.HeadingParaStyleTemplate for heading rows of tables (paragraph)

Default value:

AccentedTextStyleTemplateName: 'Strong'

ReportFooterStyleTemplateName: 'Normal'

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