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Allows providing a dataset for the specified DataQuery.

  TRVCreateDataSetEvent = procedure (

    Sender: TRVReportCustomDBDataProvider;

    const DataQuery: TRVUnicodeString; var DataSet: TDataSet;
      var DestroyAfterUse: Boolean;
      var AUseRecordCount: TRVReportRecordCountModeof object;
property OnCreateDataSet: TRVCreateDataSetEvent;

This event is optional, because they data providers can create datasets themselves.

Input parameters

DataQuery – a data query string (such as SQL SELECT statement). This string is already processed: data fields and variables in it are replaced to their values.

Output parameters

DataSet – a dataset object to process DataQuery.

DestroyAfterUse defines whether the returned DataSet will be owned by the report generator component. If DestroyAfterUse = True, the report generator will free DataSet when it completes processing this DataQuery. Initival value of this parameter is True.

AUseRecordCount defines whether DataSet can return the correct total number of records, and supports First, Next and Last commands. Initial value of this parameter is equal to UseRecordCount.

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