TRVReportCustomValueVisualizer.Color, LineColor

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TRVReportCustomValueVisualizer.Color, LineColor

These properties specify colors.

property Color: TColor
property LineColor: TColor

The use of these properties depends on the specific visualizer. But any visualizer draws some shape, and it uses Color to fill its interior, and LineColor to draw its outline.

Some visualizers have Gradient property. If Gradient = True, shapes are painted with a gradient fill (color 1: Color; color2: a color twice lighter than Color)

Some visualizers have LineUsesFillColor property. If LineUsesFillColor = True and Color <> clNone, an outline color for shapes is calculated basing on Color:

for gradient fills, the outline color is Color

for plain color fills, the online color is twice darker than Color

Default values

Color: $C68E63

LineColor: clBlack