rvdxmemdataprovider TRVReportDxMemDataProvider [VCL]

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rvdxmemdataprovider TRVReportDxMemDataProvider [VCL]

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An universal database-related data provider for report generators, that includes a special support for TdxMemData datasets.

Unit RVReportDXDataProvider;


TRVReportDBMemDataProvider = class (TRVReportDBMemDataProvider)



This component provides data for reports from datasets listed in the DataSets property.

This data provider handles the following data queries:

dataset name (must be equal to one of DataSets[].Name)

queries of the following syntax:

DataSetName, Field1 = Value1, Field2 = Value2, ...

This syntax is explained in the topic about TRVReportDBMemDataProvider. It allows implementing master/detail reports.

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