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A class of objects in TRichView documents: a table having associated data queries (in row generation rules and cells)

Unit RVReportTable;


TRVReportTableItemInfo = class (TRVTableItemInfo)



This item looks like a normal table in TRichView document, and has all its properties.

Additionally, it has the properties:

RowGenerationRules – a collection of a table row generation rules, allowing to apply data queries to certain ranges of table rows.

Variables – a list of local variables for this table

BackgroundColorChangers – a collections of color changers allowing to change colors and opacities of cells according to values associated with these cells.

BackgroundVisualizers – a collections of visualizers allowing to display values associated with cells on these cells' backgrounds.

A class of cells for report tables is TRVReportTableCellData, it allows associating data queries with cells.

The StyleNo of this item is rvsReportTable (-61).

The class of Cell[] property is still TRVTableCellData, so you can use ReportCells[] property:

Table.ReportCells[Row, Col].DataQuery := 'SELECT * FROM MyTable';

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