trvshape TRVShape


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trvshape TRVShape


TShape represents a geometric shape that can be drawn on a form.

This component is not related to reporting, it simply reuses shape drawing functions implemented for value visualizers.

Unit RVReportShapeComponent;


TRVShape = class (TGraphicControl)



This component can draw shapes such as polygons, stars, emoticons, flags.

The shape is defined ShapeProperties.

It is colored using Color, StartColor, GradientType, Opacity properties. It is outlined using LineColor, LineWidth, LineUsesFillColor properties.

The component background is filled using BackgroundColor and BackgroundOpacity properties.

Additional properties affecting the layout are: Margin, Padding, EqualSides.

If you redraw this component frequently, it's recommended to assign DoubleBuffered = True for its parent component.

See also

TRVShapeItemInfo – shape object for TRichView documents