TSRichViewEdit.ExternalRV, ExternalRVH, ExternalRVF, ExternalRVN

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TSRichViewEdit.ExternalRV, ExternalRVH, ExternalRVF, ExternalRVN

These properties main contain references to an external TRichViewEdit components used to render documents in this TSRichViewEdit component.

property ExternalRV: TCustomRichViewEdit;

property ExternalRVH: TCustomRichViewEdit;

property ExternalRVF: TCustomRichViewEdit;

property ExternalRVN: TCustomRichViewEdit;

Deprecated! Please do not use these properties!

Assigning these properties is optional. You can assign links to TRichViewEdit components to these properties.

If assigned (not nil):

ExternalRV is assigned to RichViewEdit

ExternalRVH is assigned to RVHeader

ExternalRVF is assigned to RVFooter

ExternalRVN is assigned to RVNote

By default, these properties are not assigned (nil), and internal TRichViewEdit components are used.

All these components must be different, you cannot assign the same component to two or more of these properties.


In TDBSRichViewEdit, ExternalRV must be TDBRichViewEdit (ExternalRVH, ExternalRVF, ExternalRVN must still be TRichViewEdits)