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Returns pages containing the specified item.

function GetItemPages(RVData: TCustomRVFormattedData; ItemNo: Integer;

  var FirstPageNo, LastPageNo: Integer; Part : Integer = -1): Boolean;

Input parameters:

RVData is a document (RichViewEdit.RVData, table cell, or cell inplace editor's RVData), ItemNo is an index of item in this document.

If Part=-1, the result is returned for the whole item. Otherwise, it is returned for the specified item part, counted from 0. A text item may have more than one part if drawn on several lines. To enumerate all parts, start calling this method from Part=0 and increase this value until the method returns False. You can use the function RichViewEdit.RVData.GetItemPart to get the item part for the position in the document.

Output parameters:

FirstPageNo – the first page where this item (or its part) is located, from 1.

LastPageNo – the last page where this item (or its part) is located, from 1.

Return value:

True if the specified item part exists.

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