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Specifies the TRichViewEdit control used for editing headers.

property RVHeader: TRichViewEdit;

Headers are visible if PageProperty.HeaderVisible = True.

When header editing is activated, a document is loaded from Subdocuments to RVHeader. Depending on the current page, PageProperty.TitlePage and PageProperty.FacingPages, a document is loaded from one of the following Subdocuments.Items: srvhftFirstPageHeader, srvhftEvenPagesHeader, srvhftNormalHeader. An edited document is saved back when editing is finished, or when the editor needs to be saved or printed.

When this editor is active, it is returned in ActiveEditor property. Only in this case (RVHeader=ActiveEditor) you can assume that the document in it is valid.

Distances from the page border to the header are defined in PageProperty:

LeftMargin (from the left side)

RightMargin (from the right side)

HeaderY (from the top side)

Margins properties of this editor (RVHeader.LeftMargin, TopMargin, etc.) are ignored when calculating the header position.

When the header is being edited, it is visually indicated by the following properties of ViewProperty:





Using an external editor (not recommended!)

You can assign an external TRichViewEdit control to this property. Take a note that width and height of this RichViewEdit are set by TSRichViewEdit.

Assigning nil to this property makes TSRichViewEdit to use a hidden internal TRichViewEdit for the header (this is a default behavior). Users cannot see it, it is responsible only for document rendering.

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