TSRichViewEdit.SetIntPropertyEd, SetFloatPropertyEd

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Editing-style methods for changing properties of the editor.

procedure SetIntPropertyEd(Prop: TSRVIntProperty; Value: Integer; AutoReformat: Boolean);

procedure SetFloatPropertyEd(Prop: TSRVFloatProperty; Value: TRVLength; AutoReformat: Boolean);


Prop identifies the property to change.

Value – new property value. If the property is a property of enumerated type, use Ord(). If the property is a boolean property, any non-zero value means True.

If AutoReformat=True, the editor is reformatted (if necessary), and RichViewEdit.Change is called. Normally, this method is called with AutoReformat=True if you change a single property. If you call these methods multiple times for changing multiple properties, reformat (if necessary) and call RichViewEdit.Change yourself.

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