TSRVPagePositionProperty.PageHSpacing, PageVSpacing

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TSRVPagePositionProperty.PageHSpacing, PageVSpacing

Distance between pages, horizontal and vertical.

property PageHSpacing: TRVPixel96Length;
property PageVSpacing: TRVPixel96Length;

PageHSpacing is a distance between columns of pages.

PageVPadding is a distance between rows of pages.

These values are measured in pixels in 96 DPI (i.e. 1 pixel = 1/96 of an inch). When displaying on the screen, the actual distance is recalculated according to the screen DPI. Zooming does not affect the result.

To remove these distances, it's not necessary to assign 0 to these properties. Instead, you can include srvppdPageHSpacing and/or srvppdPageVSpacing in HiddenDistances.


Call TSRichViewEdit.Format after changing values of these properties.

Default value: