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TSRVPageProperty is the class for TSRichViewEdit.PageProperty property.

Unit SclRView.


TSRVPageProperty = class(TPersistent)





Page sizes and margins

The following properties define the page size: PageFormat and Orientation.

PageWidth and PageHeight are usually calculated automatically, but they can define a page size if PageFormat=srvfmCustom.

The following properties define margins: LeftMargin, TopMargin, RightMargin, BottomMargin.

MirrorMargins allows switching left and right margins on even pages.

All sizes are measured in TSRichViewEdit.UnitsProgram.

Viewing modes

The following properties are used to implement different viewing modes: AutoWidth and PageViewMode.

Typical modes:

"Normal mode" (one long page, width depends on PageWidth): AutoWidth=False, PageViewMode=False.

"Web mode" (one long page, width depends on the window size): AutoWidth=True, PageViewMode=False.

"Page View Mode": AutoWidth=False, PageViewMode=True.

In a page view mode, the following properties affect distance between pages: MaxPageBreakHeight, MinPageBreakHeight, PageBreakHeight.

For horizontal position, see BoundLeftRight (in all modes).

A border can be drawn around pages, see BorderPen. A printable area can be shown, see PrintableAreaPen (the current printer cannot print beyond this area).

The caret is drawn using CaretPen.

Page numbering

Page numbers are printed, if PageNoVisible=True. This is a simple option to display page numbering. The alternative (recommended) option is inserting "page number" field (TRVPageNumberItemInfo item) in a header or a footer.

They are printed at the top or the bottom of pages, depending on PageNoVAlign property. A horizontal alignment is specified in PageNoHAlign, font is specified in PageNoFont.

The numbering is started from PageNoFromNumber. You can omit page numbers on one or more first pages, using PageNoFirst.

PageNoFromNumber is also used as a starting value for "page number" fields.

Header and footer

Headers are displayed, if HeaderVisible=True. Headers position is defined in HeaderY.

Footers are displayed, if FooterVisible=True. Footers position is defined in FooterY.

If TitlePage=True, special headers are used for the first page. If FacingPages=True, special headers are used for even pages.

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