srvpagescroll TSRVPageScroll Properties

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srvpagescroll TSRVPageScroll Properties

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In TSRVPageScroll

published AlignText

published AutoScrolled

published AutoUpdate

published BackgroundTextColor

published CachedPagesCount

published CacheScrollLimit

published CacheScrollLimit

published Columns

published MarginHorizontal

published MarginVertical

published PageBorderColor

published PageBreakHeight

published PageBreakWidth

published PageHeight

published PageNoFont

published PageNoVisible

published PageProportions

published PageWidth

published ScrollType

published SelectColor

published ShadowColor

published ShadowWidth

published SmoothThumbnails

published SRichViewEdit

Derived from TRVScroller

published BorderStyle

readonly  HScrollMax

none HScrollPos

protected HScrollVisible

readonly  InplaceEditor (not used in this component)

none NoVScroll

protected Tracking

published UseXPThemes

readonly  VScrollMax

none VScrollPos

protected VScrollVisible

published WheelStep

Derived from TCustomControl

published Align

published Anchors

published  Color

published Constraints

protected Ctl3D

published  Height

published HelpContext

published  Hint

protected ParentCtl3D

published PopupMenu

published  ShowHint

published TabOrder

published TabStop

published Touch (D2010+)

published Visible

published  Width