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Prints the specified frame of the specified page, in the current printing job.

function PrintFrame(PageNo, FrameIndex : Integer) : Boolean;

PageNo – index of the page (from 1).

FrameIndex – index of the frame to print, in range from 1 to Ceil(FrameCountX)*Ceil(FrameCountY).

This method does not start a new printing job.

Posters are printed if PrintMode = srvpPoster. In other modes, the method prints the specified page (and FrameIndex must be 1).

This method is rarely needed. The main printing methods are Print and PrintPages.

The method calls OnSendingToPrinter(SRichViewEdit, PageNo, FrameIndex, rvpsProceeding).

Return value:

True of the frame was printed. False if FrameIndex is not the the proper range.