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Specifies whether the component attempts to print on "physical margins".

property UsePhysicalOffsets: Boolean;

Physical margins are areas at the left, top, right and bottom sides of paper where the printer cannot print.

If True, TSRVPrint does not print on physical margins. It also affects how a number of frames for a poster is calculated. For example, you want to print A4 poster on A4 paper. If you set the current printer paper size to A4, and set PageFormat to srvfmA4, you may expect that the poster will be printed on 1 paper sheet. But you will find that a poster is printed on 2 x 2 paper sheets, because FrameCountX and FrameCountY are greater than 1. It happens because the poster size is a pure A4 size, and the printer's page size is A4 minus physical offsets, so the poster does not fit the paper. If you want to define a poster size more precisely, assign FrameCountX and FrameCountY properties directly, instead of changing PageFormat.

If False, TSRVPrint prints even on physical margins. In the example above (A4 poster on A4 paper), a poster will be printed on one paper sheet. But this value is highly not recommended for posters, because everything printed on these margins will be blank. This value is ok for non-poster printing (because usually document margins are larger than physical margins).

Default value: