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Define appearance of this scrollbar.

property SRVControlStyle: TSRVControlStyle;

Customized scrollbar appearance is supported only in Delphi and C++Builder. In Lazarus, scroll-bars always have the standard system appearance.

This property is used if a skin is not assigned (see SkinManager and SkinSchemeIndex).

srvcsSimple (if RVControlsPainter.Theme = rvctPaleBlue):



If UseXPThemes = True, the scrollbar uses Windows themes (visual styles), if they are available. Otherwise, the scrollbar has 3d look. When the scrollbar is inserted in a TSRichViewEdit document, theme drawing is scaled not completely correctly. We recommend using srvcsSimple instead.

Default value:


This is the only control in ScaleRichView/SRVControls that has SRVControlStyle = srvcsClassic by default.