Classes of TSRVSkinManager Properties

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Classes of TSRVSkinManager Properties

Classes of TSRVSkinManager Properties

TSRVSkinCollection is collection of TSRVSkin items. This is a type of Skins property.

Classes of TSRVSkin Properties

TSRVSkin has basic properties of the following classes:

TSRVSkinElementCollection – collection of TSRVSkinElement items; a type of Elements property;

TSRVSkinFontCollection – collection of TSRVSkinFont items; a type of Fonts property;

All other properties of TSRVSkin contains indexes of items in the collections above (an index in Elements, if it needs to fill some area; index in Fonts, if it needs to draw some text).

TSRVSkin has scheme properties of the following classes:

TSRVBoxSchemeCollection – collection of TSRVBoxScheme items; a type of BoxSchemes property; schemes defining skins for different types of controls;

TSRVScrollBarSkinSchemeCollection – collection of TSRVScrollBarSkinScheme items; a type of HorizontalScrollBarSchemes and VerticalScrollBarSchemes properties; schemes defining skins for TSRVScrollBar;

TSRVTabSetSkinSchemeCollection – collection of TSRVTabSetSkinScheme items; a type of HorizontalTabSetSchemes and VerticalTabSetSchemes properties; schemes defining skins for TSRVTabSet;