srvtabset TSRVTabSet Properties

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srvtabset TSRVTabSet Properties

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published AutoTabWidth

published CanMoveTabs

published CloseButton

readonly FirstTabIndex

published ImageList

published Indent

published Kind

readonly LastTabIndex

published Margins

published MaxTabSize

published MinTabSize

published MirrorText

published OppositeTabPosition

published ScrollButtonWidth

published ScrollerMenu

published ScrollerPosition

published ScrollingDelay

published SkinManager

published SkinSchemeIndex

published Spacings

published SRVControlStyle

published TabHeight

none TabIndex

published Tabs

published TextAlignH

published TextAlignV

Inherited from TCustomControl

published Align

published Anchors

published Color

published Constraints

published Cursor

published Enabled

published Font

published Height

published Hint

published Left

published PopupMenu

published ShowHint

published TabStop

published Top

published Width