ScaleRichView Types

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ScaleRichView Types

Types Related to Custom Drawing


TSRVDrawScrollBarAreaEvent for drawing TSRVScrollBar background area;

TSRVDrawScrollBarEvent for drawing TSRVScrollBar elements;

TSRVDrawTabEvent for drawing tabs and a closing button in TSRVTabSet;

TSRVDrawTabSetEvent for drawing TSRVTabSet elements.

Other types:

TSRVDrawState, TSRVDrawStates – states of a painted object.

Types of Properties of ToolBars and ToolWindows

Types of properties:

TSRVButtonCollection – collection of TSRVToolButton

TSRVAlignButton defines the position of buttons;

TSRVAlignText defines the position of text.

Types of events:

TSRVClickButtonEvent occurs when a toolbar button is clicked.

Other Types

Types of events:

TSRVMouseEvent – a type of mouse events in TSRichViewEdit;

Types of properties:

TSRVControlStyle defines a visual appearance of controls (if skins are not applied);

TSRVFloatProperty identifies a TSRichViewEdit of an floating point type;

TSRVIntProperty identifies a TSRichViewEdit of an floating point type;

TSRVPageFormat – a page size;

TSRVTHAlign, TSRVTVAlign – a position in TSRVTabSet.