Animated Images in TRichView

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Animated Images in TRichView


TRichView can animate inserted images.

AnimationMode property defines when animation starts. By default, AnimationMode=rvaniManualStart.

rvaniManualStart is used by default because rvaniOnFormat may cause problems in some existing applications (created before implementing this feature), because animation must be stopped when you call viewer-style methods like DeleteItems. If you simply load and edit documents, set this mode to rvaniOnFormat.


StartAnimation starts all animations;

StopAnimation stops all animations;

ResetAnimation rewinds all animations to the first frame.

Supported Animations

1.TGifImage included in Delphi 2007, 2009 or newer

Include RVGifAnimate2007 unit in your project to enable this animation.

2.TGifImage by Anders Melander

Downloads: (original); (update, necessary).

Include RVGifAnimate unit in your project to enable this animation.

3.RVJvGifAnimate for TJvGifImage from JEDI's JVCL



Bitmap is sliced into animation frames (rvepImageWidth x rvepImageHeight) arranged in rows and columns. Animation is enabled if you set nonzero rvepAnimationInterval (animation delay in 1/100 of second), see TRVExtraItemProperty type. If one of rvepImageWidth and rvepImageHeight is not defined (zero), frame width/height is assumed to be equal to the image width/height. If both of them are not defined, animation is not played.