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Compatibility with older (freeware) versions of RichView

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See compatibility issues for versions: 10, 1.9 1.8, 1.7 1.6 1.5, 1.4, 1.3, 1.2

For former users of freeware version

You can use this version of TRichView, TRVStyle, TRVPrint components in your projects started with older version.


You lose all hypertext in text styles then you open old project with new TRVStyle; this is because there were only two hypertext styles in older versions (had indices rvsJump1, rvsJump2); now any text style can be hypertext, regardless of its index. In order to fix, set Jump=True, HoverColor to TRVStyle.HoverColor for hypertext items.

There are some obsolete methods, but they still work. For example, all methods which in older versions added left-aligned items (AddFromNewLine), now add items with the 0th paragraph style; all methods which in older versions added center-aligned items (AddCenterLine) now add items with the 1st paragraph style. Initial values of paragraph styles: 0th paragraph is left aligned, 1th is centered by default.

Checkpoints are not items any more, but some additional information associated with items. Add***Checkpoint methods still work: such method appends checkpoint that will be associated with the next appended item. Therefore, you now cannot add two or more checkpoints one by one without item between them. You can choose one of two options when compiling RichView source:

oRichView raises exception when you try to add checkpoint after checkpoint (default mode);

oRichView ignores the second checkpoint; Add***Checkpoint*** methods will return the index of previous added checkpoint in this case; this mode is turned on by defining RVALLOWCPBYCP conditional define.

New version has no special design-time property editors for RVStyle.TextStyles

For C++Builder users: some names of methods and properties are now written in another case. "CheckPoint" is "Checkpoint" now, "HotSpot" is "Hotspot" now.

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