viewerstyle Viewer-Style Method

This method is designed for document generation. This method should not be used for editing operations.

This method:

does not repaint the window;

does not check ReadOnly property (TRichVew does not have this property),

does not call OnChange event (TRichView does not have this event),

does not change Modified property (TRichView does not have this property),

does not reformat the document.

does not pause live spelling (you must do it manually)

This method cannot be undone.

If you call it in editor with enabled undo/redo feature, you must clear undo/redo buffers before subsequent calling of any editor-style method and allowing users to modify the document.

This method does not require the document to be formatted before its call.

In order to display the document after calling this method, you need to format it explicitly (with Format or FormatTail method).

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