rvdatasourcelink TRVDataSourceLink

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rvdatasourcelink TRVDataSourceLink

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A simple component that links data-aware controls inside TRichView, TRichViewEdit, or TSRichViewEdit component to TDataSource.

Unit RVDataSourceLink;


TRVDataSourceLink = class(TComponent)





How to Use

This component automatically assigns DataSource to data-aware controls when they are inserted in Editor.

It is especially useful when controls are loaded from RVF files, because TRichView cannot read DataSource property (and other properties pointing to components) from RVF.

Editor can be a data-aware control by itself (TDBRichView, TDBRichViewEdit or TDBSRichViewEdit from ScaleRichView). You can implement a master-detail view by linking the editor to a master data set, and controls in this editor to a detail data set.