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This is a type of TRichView.DocParameters. It contains document's and page properties that can be written to or read from RVF (RichView Format) and RTF (Rich Text Format). The components do not use these properties, but they can be assigned to TRVPrint using the method AssignDocParameters.

Unit RVDocParams.


TRVDocParameters = class(TPersistent)

(introduced in version 10)


This class has the following properties:

Units – measurement units for margins, paper size, header and footer positions;

PageWidth, PageHeight – page size;

Orientation – page orientation;

LeftMargin, RightMargin, TopMargin, BottomMargin – margins;

MirrorMargins allow to exchange left and right margins on even pages;

HeaderY, FooterY – position of header and footer;

TitlePage shows/hides header and footer for the first page;

FacingPages shows/hides header and footer for even pages;

ZoomMode – zooming mode;

ZoomPercent – zooming percent.

Author, Title, Comments – text properties.


This class has the following methods:

Reset resets all properties to default values;

ResetLayout resets all sizes to default values measured in Units;

UnitsPerInch allows to convert between measurement units;

ConvertToUnits converts all sizes to the specified units.