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TRVMathItemInfo is a class representing mathematical expressions (equations, formulas) in TRichView documents. This is not a component. Objects of this class are created at runtime and appended to TRichView (see AddItem) or inserted into TRichViewEdit (see InsertItem). Style of this item type: rvsMathEquation (-210)

This item requires RAD Studio XE4 or newer.

Unit RVMathItem.


TRVMathItemInfo = class(TRVRectItemInfo)

(introduced in version 17)








This item uses Adit Math Engine by Denis Sletkov (Adit Software): aditsoftware.com

Units of Adit Math Engine are included in TRichView installation (in Math folder). They are covered by MPL 2.0 with the following addition restrictions:

Adit Math Engine cannot be used in any E-learning/Assessment/Testing/Math software (Freeware or Shareware) or outside TRichView engine without our [Adit Software] written permission.

You can contact Adit Software if you want to use Adit Math Engine under a different license or to request an exception from the restrictions above.


The expression is defined in LaTeX-like language; it must be assigned to Text property.

By default, the item uses font name, size and color defined in TRVMathDocObject item of DocObjects collection (or "Cambria Math, 10pt, clWindowText, if this object does not exist). You can override them in FontName, FontSizeDouble, TextColor properties.

Use SetCurrentItemExtraIntPropertyEx and SetCurrentItemExtraStrPropertyEx to change properties of mathematical items as editing operations.

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