RichViewDoNotMergeNumbering Typed Constant

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RichViewDoNotMergeNumbering Typed Constant

Unit RVStyle.



  RichViewDoNotMergeNumbering: Boolean = False; 

RichViewDoNotMergeNumbering affects inserting RVF. By default, when inserting RVF files containing numbered lists, TRichView tries to map the inserted list styles to the existing list styles: if the inserted list style A has the same properties (including a list identifier) as the existing style B, then A is mapped to B; so inserted numbered lists of the style A continue existing numbered lists of the style B. List identifier is a random number assigned to any list style on creation. Because of list identifiers, numbered lists that are copy-pasted from the same document continue the existing numbering (because they have the same identifiers), while numbered lists from another document are inserted as new lists.

Assign True to RichViewDoNotMergeNumbering to modify the standard behavior. In this mode, all numbered lists from RVF are inserted as new lists, even if the document has list styles with the same properties and identifiers.

This property is useful when generating a big document from several small documents.