RichViewUnicodeInput Typed Constant

TRichViewUnicodeInput Type

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RichViewUnicodeInput Typed Constant

TRichViewUnicodeInput Type

Unit RVEdit.



  TRichViewUnicodeInput = (rvuiStandard, rvuiAlternative); 

const RichViewUnicodeInput: TRichViewUnicodeInput = rvuiStandard; 

This constant is ignored for Delphi/C++Builder 2009 or newer (they provide true Unicode text input).

RichViewEdit uses two methods to process typing of unicode text:

"Standard" method processes WM_CHAR and converts typed characters to Unicode.

"Alternative" method uses ToUnicode procedure. It cannot process "dead keys" correctly, so it should not be used for keyboard layouts having "dead keys".

If RichViewUnicodeInput=rvuiStandard, the "alternative" method is used only for the following languages:

languages without their own code page (so it's impossible to use WM_CHAR);

Kazakh, Tatar, Mongolian, Azerbaijani (cyrillic&latin), Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Serbian (these languages include some characters that do not belong to code page).

Generally, it works very well. But for some "exotic" keyboard layouts the "standard" method does not provide completely correct input. Set this variable to rvuiAlternative to always use the "alternative" method. Do it only as an option, if you have troubles with the specific keyboard layout.