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Occurs when the component draws (or prints) an item having a checkpoint


  TRVDrawCheckpointEvent = procedure (Sender: TCustomRVPrint;

    RVData: TCustomRVData; ItemNo: Integer; X, Y: Integer) of object;


property OnDrawCheckpoint: TRVDrawCheckpointEvent;

(introduced in v1.9, modified in v17)

This method informs when some item with checkpoint is drawn. It's similar to OnDrawHyperlink.


RVData document containing the item.

ItemNo index of the checkpoint's item inside this document.

(X,Y) top left corner of this item on page (coordinate of the top left corner of the document is (0,0)).


This is not a custom drawing event but an informational event.

For example, this method can be used to create links inside document in generated PDF files (note: PDF generation requires other third-party components).