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Occurs when the component draws (or prints) an item having a checkpoint


  TRVDrawCheckpointEvent = procedure (Sender: TCustomRVPrint;

    RVData: TCustomRVData; ItemNo: Integer; X, Y: Integer) of object;


property OnDrawCheckpoint: TRVDrawCheckpointEvent;

(introduced in v1.9, modified in v17)

This method informs when some item with checkpoint is drawn. It's similar to OnDrawHyperlink.


RVData – document containing the item.

ItemNo – index of the checkpoint's item inside this document.

(X,Y) – top left corner of this item on page (coordinate of the top left corner of the document is (0,0)).


This is not a custom drawing event but an informational event.

For example, this method can be used to create links inside document in generated PDF files (note: PDF generation requires other third-party components).

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