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Call this method when the screen color resolution changed (on WM_DISPLAYCHANGE), if you are using this RVPrint for displaying print preview.

This method is necessary (only) if you need to support 256 color display mode.

procedure UpdatePaletteInfo;




TRVPrint uses the same method of working in 256 color mode as its source RichView (see RichView.DoInPaletteMode). Information about source RichView.DoInPaletteMode is  updated when executing AssignSource method.

It's not necessary to call this method if RichView.DoInPaletteMode=rvpaDoNothing, or if you are not using this TRVPrint object for displaying print preview in TRVPrintPreview.

Call UpdatePaletteInfo if you created TRVPrint at run-time (instead of placing at design-time on a form) after you have created it.

TRVPrintPreview controls do not have public UpdatePaletteInfo method. They use information from the linked RVPrint. They update their palettes when you assign their PageNo or RVPrint properties.


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