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Format for saving data in the database field

property FieldFormat: TRVDBFieldFormat;



  TRVDBFieldFormat = (rvdbRVF, rvdbRTF, rvdbText);

(introduced in version 1.6)

This property allows changing the field saving format to RTF or plain text.

Note: It is not guaranteed that document saved in RTF and text will be the same after reloading (some item types, text and paragraph attributes cannot be saved in RTF or plain text).

You can save data in your own format using OnSaveCustomFormat event.

Starting from Delphi 2006, Unicode memo fields (Field.DataType=ftWideMemo) are supported specially. For these fields, if FieldFormat is rvdbRVF or rvdbRTF, documents are stored as Unicode RTF (RTF code converted from String to WideString). If FieldFormat is rvdbText, documents are stored as Unicode text.

Default value: