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Specifies the default bidirectional mode for the control.

property BiDiMode: TRVBiDiMode;

(introduced in version 1.6)




Turns off support of right-to-left languages. Bi-directed text will not be processed correctly. Also, bi-di properties will not be saved and loaded from files.

Text output is more efficient in this mode, so, if you do not plan working with Arabic or Hebrew texts, you can use this mode.


Sets default text flow to left-to-right


Sets default text flow to right-to-left; if version of Windows allows it, a vertical scrollbar will be positioned at the left side of the TRichView window.

BiDiMode can be overridden by BiDiMode of paragraph style and BiDiMode of text style.

In TRichViewEdit, you can change this property as an editing operation, see TRichViewEdit.SetIntPropertyEd.


The results depends on the value of Style.TextEngine:

if Windows API is selected, in rvbdUnspecified mode the results are completely incorrect for RTL text (wrong selection drawing and caret positions); the results are unreliable in other modes (may depend on the chosen font);

if Uniscribe is selected, the results are correct is all modes; in rvbdUnspecified mode, only rearrangement of items on lines is turned off.


See also:

Bidirectional text in TRichView.

Default value: