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Returns main properties of the item of "inserted control" type

procedure GetControlInfo(ItemNo: Integer;

  out AName: TRVUnicodeStringout Actrl: TControl; 

  out AVAlign: TRVVAlignout ATag: TRVTag);

(changes in version 18)

Input parameter:

ItemNo – index of the item. The item must be of "inserted control" type (rvsComponent), otherwise the method raises ERichViewError exception. Items are indexed from 0 to ItemCount-1, GetItemStyle returns type of item. Items of subdocuments (table cells) are not included in the items range of the main document; for items in cells, use Cell.GetRVData.GetControlInfo.


Output parameters:

AName – name of control item. Do not confuse with Actrl.Name property! This value can also be read using GetItemText method.

Actr – the control itself. This method returns control owned by RichView, do not not destroy it.

AVAlign – vertical alignment of the control.

ATag tag of the item. Do not confuse with Actrl.Tag property!. Use SetItemTag or SetControlInfo to change tag of item. This value can also be read using GetItemTag method.


Additional item properties are returned by the methods GetItemExtraIntProperty and GetItemExtraStrProperty.

unicode Unicode note: names of non-text items are ANSI strings.


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