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Loads document from Stream, autodetecting its format (RVF/RTF/text)


  TRVYesNoAuto = ( rvynaNo, rvynaYes, rvynaAuto );

function LoadFromStream(Stream: TStream; IsTextUnicode: TRVYesNoAuto): Boolean;

(introduced in version 10)

This method can detect both normal RTF, and RTF converted to Unicode string.

The method does not load text if it contains characters having codes less than ord(' ').

IsTextUnicode specifies whether the text is Unicode:

rvynaNo reading text as ANSI;

rvynaYes reading text as Unicode;

rvynaAuto autodetecting ANSI/Unicode (wrong detection is very possible).

Method type: viewerstyle viewer-style.

Return value:

"Was reading successful?"


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LoadRTFFromStream, LoadRTFFromStreamW.

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