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Occurs when inserting an image file in TRichView.


  TRVAssignImageFileNameEvent = procedure (Sender: TCustomRichView;

    var FileName: TRVUnicodeStringof object;


property OnAssignImageFileName: TRVAssignImageFileNameEvent;

(introduced in version 16; changed in version 18)

This event occurs if rvoAssignImageFileNames is included in Options.

In this event, you can modify FileName (for example, change a full path to a relative path).

This event may happen on:

RTF loading (reading external images),

HTML loading (using importer components),

pasting files, accepting files and links to images as a result of drag&drop,

RichViewActions (actions for inserting images and assigning background images of tables).

The following properties are set:



rvespImageFileName extra item properties of pictures and hot-pictures.