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Occurs when mouse pointer is moved to the area of hypertext link.


  TRVMouseMoveEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; id: Integer) of object


property OnRVMouseMove: TRVMouseMoveEvent

id is an identifier of hypertext link (the first link in the document has id=FirstJumpNo, the next link has id=FirstJumpNo+1, and so on).

In editor, this numeration is available only when the editor works in hypertext mode:

while user holds  Ctrl  key (see EditorOptions) until he/she releases it, or the document is modified, or the editor loses focus;

if ReadOnly=True.

So, when using this event in editor, perform all actions that use this id before any action changing document or moving focus out of editor.

If id=-1, the mouse pointer is not above hyperlink.

This event is never called two times in succession for the same hypertext link.


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