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Occurs when the user releases the right mouse button over the RichView component.


  TRVRightClickEvent = procedure(Sender: TCustomRichView

    ClickedWord: TRVUnicodeString; Style, X, Y: Integer) of object;


property OnRVRightClick:TRVRightClickEvent;

This event is almost obsolete. There are more convenient events:



OnRVRightClick event occurs if user releases right mouse button over some item of TRichView.

If Style<0 then this item is not a text item, and Style is a type of this item (such as rvsPicture, rvsBreak, rvsHotspot or rvsBullet). In this case ClickedWord contains name of this item (see Item types).

If Style>=0, this is a text item, and Style is an index in the collection of text styles (Style.TextStyles). In this case ClickedWord is a word which user has clicked. "Word" is defined as a part of string between delimiters. Delimiters are listed in Delimiters property.

X,Y are screen coordinates of mouse pointer (more convenient for displaying a pop-up menu than client coordinates)

This event has the following limitations (which do not exist in OnRVMouseDown, OnRVMouseUp):

you can not get further information about the clicked item (you do not know index of this item);

this event is not generated when user clicks not on an item (i.e. on a background).


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