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Allows to mark misspelled words.


  TRVSpellingCheckEvent = procedure (Sender: TCustomRichView;

    const AWord: TRVUnicodeString; StyleNo: Integer;

    var Misspelled: Boolean) of object;


property OnSpellingCheck: TRVSpellingCheckEvent;

(introduced in v1.9; changed in version 18)

This event is called for each word in the document.

Input parameters:

AWord is a word to check (Unicode for Delphi/C++Builder 2009 or newer, ANSI for older versions of Delphi/C++Builder).

StyleNo is a style of text item containing this word (index in the collection Sender.Style.TextStyles).

Output parameter:

Misspelled, must be set to True if this word is misspelled.


Example (using Addict3 spelling checker):

procedure TMyForm.MyRichViewEditSpellingCheck(Sender: TCustomRichView;

  const AWord: TRVUnicodeString; StyleNo: Integer; var Misspelled: Boolean);


  Misspelled := not MyRVAddictSpell3.WordAcceptable(AWord);


This event is called in thread context.


See also:

Live spelling check in RichView.

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