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Saves picture. This method is used when saving HTML files.

function SavePicture(DocumentSaveFormat: TRVSaveFormat;

  const Path: TRVUnicodeString; gr: TGraphic): TRVUnicodeStringvirtual;

(changed in version 18)


gr image to save.

DocumentSaveFormat output document format, see TRVSaveFormat for possible values.

Path path where to save the image (the last character must be '\').

If DocumentSaveFormat=rvsfHTML then the image is saved as Jpeg image (or as bitmap, if the application was compiled with RVDONOTUSEJPEGIMAGE conditional define). You can define image formats that will not be converted to Jpeg.

If DocumentSaveFormat<>rvsfHTML, the image is saved as bitmap.


This method must be used only inside the following events:




OnSaveItemToFile (SaveFormat=rvsfHTML).


The image file name will consist of the image prefix (see the ImagesPrefix parameter of SaveHTML and SaveHTMLEx) and number. The file name may be unique or not (depending on rvsoOverrideImages in the Options parameter of SaveHTML and SaveHTMLEx).


See also:

Export to HTML.