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TCustomRichView.SaveText, SaveTextW

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The methods export document to ANSI (SaveText) or Unicode (SaveTextW) text file.

function SaveText(const FileName: String; LineWidth: Integer; CodePage: Cardinal=CP_ACP): Boolean;

function SaveTextW(const FileName: String; LineWidth: Integer): Boolean;


FileName – output file name.

LineWidth is used for saving breaks (they are saved as LineWidth '-' characters)


unicode Unicode notes:.

SaveText: text of Unicode styles is converted using the CodePage parameter (or, if CodePage=CP_ACP, using TRVStyle.DefCodePage).

SaveTextW: text of ANSI styles is converted basing on its character sets (if Charset=DEFAULT_CHARSET, it is converted using TRVStyle.DefCodePage).


Return value: "successful saving?"


See also methods:

SaveTextToStream, SaveTextToStreamW;

LoadText, LoadTextW.

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