TCustomRichView.SetItemExtraStrProperty, SetItemExtraStrPropertyEx

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TCustomRichView.SetItemExtraStrProperty, SetItemExtraStrPropertyEx

The methods change a value of the specified additional string property of the ItemNo-th item.

function SetItemExtraStrProperty(ItemNo: Integer;

  Prop: TRVExtraItemStrPropertyconst Value: TRVUnicodeString): Boolean;

function SetItemExtraStrProperty(ItemNo, Prop: Integer;

  const Value: TRVUnicodeString): Boolean;

(introduced in versions 1.9 and 15; changed in version 18)

This methods set a new Value of the item property identified by Prop.

In SetItemExtraStrProperty, Prop's type is TRVExtraItemStrProperty. See information about this type for the list of properties.

In SetItemExtraStrPropertyEx, Prop's type is Integer. If Prop can be converted to TRVExtraItemStrProperty, SetItemExtraStrPropertyEx works like SetItemExtraStrProperty. In addition, it supports properties identified by rvespc*** constants

ItemNo index of the item, from 0 to ItemCount-1. Items of subdocuments (table cells) are not included in the items range of the main document; for items in cells, use Cell.GetRVData.SetItemExtraStrProperty[Ex].


Method type: viewerstyle viewer-style. Reformatting or repainting may be needed, depending on the changed property.


Return value: True, if this item has this property. False, if not.


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